Car crash in Glastonbury: Know your rights, responsibilities, and more!

Traffic accidents in Glastonbury often involve people who suffer the outcome of someone’s reckless action. Connecticut is a fault state, which makes the at-fault driver liable for injuries and losses of other parties. If you suffered injuries in such a car crash, your immediate focus should be your recovery. Seek medical care, even if your injuries are not extreme. You must meet a Glastonbury CT personal injury lawyer to discuss the facts of the case before you take further action. In this post, let’s discuss your rights, responsibilities, and more.

Do the right thing(s)

  1. Stop at the scene. No matter whether you were hurt, make sure to stop the vehicle and exchange information with all drivers at the scene. Unless there is an emergency, don’t leave until the police arrive for an investigation.
  2. Keep up with medical care. If your doctor advises against moving or going to work and recommends a particular line of treatment, you should follow the same. Always retain the records, which will be useful for your claim.
  3. Report the crash. You should report the accident to state or local law enforcement. Do not listen to anyone saying the mishap was a minor fender bender and doesn’t need attention.

The legal options

If you are at fault for the crash, the best fashion you may still have a claim. The modified comparative fault rule in Connecticut allows you to recover compensation from the at-fault driver as long as your fault percentage is less than 50%. The calculations can be hard to decipher, which is why you should consult an attorney to avoid compromising your rights. If the insurance offer is unlikely to cover the damages, you can file a civil lawsuit, for which you have two years as per the statute of limitations in Connecticut.

Finding a good lawyer

There are numerous law firms in Glastonbury that will not charge a fee for case reviews. You can also afford an attorney, as their payment is only due when you win. The right injury lawyer should have an extensive work profile and must specialize in auto accident claims. It is also wise to consider whether they can represent you at trial, which could be necessary in some situations. You can ask the attorney for references and check online reviews to know if they have adequate experience to deal with your case.

When it comes to car crashes, legal representation is highly essential and advisable.

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