Five Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Car Insurance Claims in Toledo

Filing car accident claims should be straightforward. After all, anyone responsible for car accidents in Toledo should be liable for the damages sustained by victims. But insurance providers usually deny claims for many reasons. Understanding such reasons allows you to better prepare for the legal process and appeal the insurer’s decision if needed. Also, it is important to know who to turn to for help. The following are common reasons car insurance claims are denied:

Unpaid Premiums

Every insurance policyholder should make their premium payments every month. If the at-fault driver in your case is not paying their monthly premiums, the insurer will deny your claim. In this case, you may file an accident claim using your underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. 

Not Reporting the Accident on Time

Following a car crash, you must take some action. You need to call 911 and report the crash to the police. Also, you must seek medical attention immediately and contact a lawyer to start filing your claim. 

Not reporting the accident to the insurer can lead to the denial of your claim. The reason is that the insurance provider may claim it didn’t have enough time to conduct an investigation. Speak with your attorney and request a copy of the insurance policy of the at-fault driver to know the deadline for reporting an accident. 

Insufficient Insurance Coverage

Every policy has limits on how much compensation the insurer can disburse to victims. If your damages are more than the at-fault driver’s policy limit, the insurer may deny your claim. Sometimes, the policy’s terms may not cover your type of injury. In this case, the insurer may also deny your claim. 

Liability Disputes

Because Ohio insurance claims depend on fault, insurers may deny claims if liability for the crash is not clear. The same can happen when if the insurance provider thinks you are to blame for the accident. The company may question the existence or validity of your injury and the cost of your medical treatment. Also, the insurer may conclude you contributed to the accident. If you share responsibility for the crash, the insurer may use such information as a reason to deny your claim. 

Lack of Medical Records

After a car crash, you must see a doctor right away even if you do not feel pain. Medical expenses take most of your settlement and your medical records serve as vital evidence for your case. Not getting immediate medical care can only give the insurer a reason to dispute the credibility of your claim. 

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