How does the IPL auction happen to make the best team?

The Indian Premier League, Or the IPL, has recently become the national cricket festival of India, and people are enjoying it more than some international cricket leagues. So, making the team and performing well in this league is a prestige issue for the team owners and an emotional liability to the audience. But, which player will play for which team can be a great dilemma and to avoid that, the BCCI team developed an auction process to provide an equal option to everyone to find the best fit for their teams.

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IPL auction


The Indian Premier League auction is nothing less than an event itself. It lasts for a few days, and the dedicated auctioneers leave no stone unturned to attract the most media coverage possible. It is one of the most important sources of income for the league committee, and most of the sponsorship comes through this program.

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Things to remember

The IPL auction is an important event, and it is becoming more competitive every day. So, the organizers had to put up with a rigorous schedule and rule book that emphasized each critical note. For example, there is a set purse value for each team taking part in the IPL. No team can exceed the purse credit limits to buy any extra or essential player. So, before you start bidding for a player, you have to calculate if you can afford him at first.


Other factors

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If you are a team owner, you will first need an avid knowledge of cricket and team performance. Here, undoubtedly you are bidding on the individual player, but you have to consider the player’s recent form, playing method, team corporation, and such factors. You have to win the game with a team, not with a single player. So, you better decide by thinking about it very well.

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Purse value of a team

We already mentioned a fixed purse value to buy players from the auction in the IPL. According to the curriculum, it is not more than eighty crore Indian rupees. Here, some other factors are also critical to consider before jumping on to a conclusion. A team owner needs to spend at least seventy-five per cent of the total purse worth to make the team and keep the extra money as a reserve to spend it in a perfect time.


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Value deduction

Seventy-five per cent of the purse value comes as sixty crore Indian rupees, and the rest of the money can go to the team management. So, a player’s auctioning price is critical for each team. According to the BCCI rules, players can enter themselves in the auction for sale and decide their core value themselves. But, it can not exceed two crore Indian rupees and not less than ten lakh Indian rupees.


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Player variety

You can choose between a capped Indian player, an uncapped Indian player, and a foreign player to build up your team. Now you must be thinking about the terms, so here we are breaking it down for you. A capped Indian player is usually the Apple of the eye for the team owners. Any player serving in the Indian national cricket team and representing India is the capped Indian player. These players get the most bids during the auction.


The Uncapped players

Uncapped players are Indian players who served in first-class matches and won various tournaments but never represented India on international platforms. Then comes the foreign players, which we understand come from other countries and national cricket teams, to play in the IPL temporarily.

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