How much money does an international cricket player make a year?

Cricket is a royal game, and if we go to the roots, we will see that British people established cricket for the Royal Family only. But, times have changed a lot since then, and now cricket is one of the most popular games on earth. Since it is trendy among the mass people, there is a constant enquiry from people about the lifestyle, latest news, and salary of the famous cricket players.

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Here in this article, we will break it down to get a clear idea of the cricket star’s lifestyle and what to expect if you are planning to make a career in the sports industry.



International players salary

It would be best to think about the England cricket team when you hear about cricket. Undoubtedly, the England cricket team is the best of the bests, and their cricket organizing committee does an excellent job maintaining their player’s performance top-notch.

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Salary range

A permanent player of the team gets nearly one and a half million euros as a yearly payment with increments. Here the increments depend solely on the performance and the player’s brand value. But, the money count does not end here if you can make it to the top list once. You will get at least fifteen thousand pounds as a match fee for every match you play in the season for the national team.

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Other sources


The national cricket council pays very well to their players to afford the best training and other ancillary support. Undoubtedly, it helps the players concentrate fully on the game, improving their performance by many folds. But, when you dig into the deep, you will notice that it is not the only source of income for most international cricket players.



Cricket leagues

Nowadays, you must have noticed that there are many individual cricket leagues and tournaments happening around. For example, the Indian premier league or the IPL is a famous cricket tournament, and people enjoy it worldwide. How does this tournament run, you think?


Super wealthy people invest in this tournament to provide top class entertainment, and so they hire the best international players on their team at a very high rate. The hiring process is quite funny but very efficient. The organizing team owners arrange for an auction party and bid for the best player. You don’t even have to showcase your talent or brag about your performance. The best player gets millions only to agree initially to play for the team.



Brand deals.


Undoubtedly, you would like to wear the same brand of perfume that Ricky Ponting wears or the same shirt that Virat Kohli wore to a function. Brands and the Marketing teams use this opportunity to promote their products and create a loyal fan base simultaneously. So, the international cricket players get a lot of brand deals and sponsorship items. An international player can earn over two to three million dollars per year only from one global brand marketing campaign. If the player agrees to dedicate only for a single brand, the payment can quickly go double or triple.



Brand loyalty

You must have seen some celebrity cricket players only advertising one shampoo or noodle brand. Mainly, the agreement clause includes a phrase that says if the player can involve themselves with other competitor companies of the same product in the market or not. If the player has to stick with only one brand till the agreement goes over, the charges will be sky-high.



Every club makes money depending on their team success, brand value, goodwill, player replacement, and many other factors.

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