How to Installing A Broiler Lighting System

A broiler house, also known as a chicken house, is a space where chickens are raised until  they reach their adult weight. Hontech Wins’ poultry lights are beneficial for the growth of poultry. This guide may teach you how to install a broiler lighting system.

What does a broiler lighting system mean?

To produce healthy chickens, the right lighting is crucial. A good broiler lighting system supports a healthy atmosphere and increases poultry output.

How to install a broiler lighting system?

A broiler lighting system is used to boost broiler productivity. To encourage the growth of feathers and meat, chickens are in need of light energy. There is a perfect poultry light for every farm because they come in so many different styles, dimensions, and hues.

Since many years ago, chicken farmers have employed chicken lights to increase their broiler farming. Using chicken lights can increase egg and meat production in hens. Poultry lights come in a variety of styles on the market today. The term “incandescent light bulb” refers to the most popular type. These lightbulbs generate heat, which can be dangerous to hens. Due to this, a lot of farmers now favor LED chicken lights. LED lights are safer for chickens and use electricity to provide light.

There are a few things you should be aware of when setting up your poultry lights. You must first purchase a lighting kit. The kit will come with a mounting bracket and a bulb. Finding a good location in the coop to evenly illuminate your farm is the next step. Lights can be positioned on top of roof beams or close to the coop’s entrance. Finally, just plug the lighting kit into an electrical outlet.

Install the light close to a power outlet using a wire hanger or bracket to make it easy to plug it in. To ensure that there is no power loss if a light fails, make sure that each light fixture has a separate wire connection. Finally, encircle each lamp with wire mesh.


If you operate in the poultry industry and want to increase production, you should consider putting lights in your broiler house. If you have any concerns regarding how to install a broiler lighting system or need assistance determining which kind of light best suits your needs, please get in contact with the experts at Hontech Wins.

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