Phil Ivey: The most successful poker player ever lived.

Poker brings money and fame. But, it is trendy to bring bad luck too. When you start going down in poker, it is only a matter of a few minutes, and some bad decisions leave you bankrupt. These are the typical scenarios for regular poker players. But, people going beyond their humane abilities to pursue a passion are the people who can define the rules. Philip Dennis Ivey Junior is one of the rule breakers who is currently the most successful professional poker player globally.



Phil was an average child from Riverside, California, in the USA. He was born in 1977 and spent most of his childhood in that small downtown with his family. But, Phil’s early childhood is the most crucial time for his passion development. His grandfather introduced Phil to the beautiful poker world when he was only a boy of eight. And, after that, he never stopped exploring and conquering new goals of the poker world.

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Early development

Phil’s grandfather was into the five-card stud variety, and they both spent hours fine-tuning poker skills. This habit helped Phil throughout his career, especially when he moved to Atlanta to bet on different casinos. Here, Phil used to practice gambling for about fifteen hours a day, And this habit paid him off very well in his later career.


Petty crimes

You must have always seen in Hollywood movies that most gamblers are involved in criminal matters. Ivey made it real and started his betting career as soon as he turned twelve. It was illegal in the USA, and so for many years, Ivey played under the name of Jerome Graham.



No home Jerome

Soon after Ivey entered the poker world, he made his place, and people started calling him by his famous nickname. No home Jerome was Ivey’s nickname during his illegal years as he barely stepped his feet out of casinos. But, Phil was a brilliant man and knew the perfect time to hit the rods. So, as soon as he turned twenty-one, Phil left his fake identity and nicknames to make his professional debut.



Professional debut

Since he started his legal poker career, Daniel Negreanu has been Phil’s godfather in the betting industry. Before Daniel’s supervision, Phil would often go with the flow and put his money in the wrong hands. So, it cost him a lot, and he learnt from it very well for future bets.



If you want to know how successful a poker player is, you would want to know the net value of that person. But, it is not a reliable option to calculate a professional poker player’s value as mostly their money is on a roll. But, roughly Phil made twenty-three million dollars from the live poker tournaments alone. It is a massive amount, and you can imagine the amount of hard work Phil had to put in it.



Philip Ivey is a member of the Hall of fame of poker, and it is an excellent achievement for any poker player. He has about fifteen poker bracelets under his name, and the counts are only rising. Phil won more than a million dollars in the Monte Carlo poker casino, and it was only the beginning of the victory tour.


Poker after dark

The NBC channel started featuring a show on the best professional poker players in 2007. Here, the players bet for more than a million dollars in each episode. Our favourite Phil took part in the fourth episode of the first season and managed to secure the highest win rate.

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