Some verbal etiquette of the poker game every player must know

Manners maketh the man. It is an old proverb but did not lose its charm after years. And, if you are in the gambling industry, then this line is essential for you. Etiquette makes a gentleman, and only a true gentleman can excel in poker. But, the most challenging part of following the phrase is that no one will teach you right and wrong in this industry personally. We do not learn poker at school, and similarly, we do not learn these etiquettes at social gatherings.


This article will discuss some essential and basic etiquette of the poker game to keep you ahead of others in the Casino.


Do not try to do angle shoot.


Angle shooting is a relative phrase that means to take unethical advantage of other players. Mostly newbie bettors come to the Casino to play small bets and learn from them. Some experienced poker players take it as a golden opportunity to make more money by taking advantage of the newcomers. It may include a lot of ways. For example,


Trying to look for your opposition’s card is one of the worst angle shooting techniques. Poker is a game of hands, and the game’s fate depends upon the card’s combination. So, if your opposition can assume your card sequence, it is effortless to prepare a counter and attack well. If you are a professional bettor, you should never practice it with others.




Hiding your chips with high value is another excellent example of forgery or angle shooting. When you act out of chips, the newbie bettors will think the game has come to an end and reveal all his cards on the table. Then the experienced bettors can bring out the chips on the last turn as the element of surprise, and it may cost the newcomer.


Similarly, if you hide your cards and act out of turn to make a fool of others, that is also a form of angle shooting. If you want to know the consequences of angle shooting, there is not much. Three angle shooting techniques are not legally a crime, and so the Casino can not punish you or hand you over to the security committee.


Moral grounds of poker

You are answerable to yourself about your behaviour with others. So, no matter if someone does not accuse you ever for playing it nasty with someone who does not know poker rules very well. But, you should be careful of your deeds and act like a gentleman in the Casino. It will help you a lot to build your goodwill.


Slow rolling is a crime

If anything can be worse than angle shooting in poker, it is slowly rolling in the game. When you know you have the best hands in poker, and you will surely win, and you decide to hide it till the end of the roll is known as a slow roll. A slow roll will affect the results of the game and create an illusion that the other players are going to win. It feels like an emotional clickbait, and no one likes that. So, if you want to follow poker etiquette, you should avoid slow rolling at any cost.



Do not call the clock too soon.


When someone takes too much time to make a move and slows down the game, you call the authorities to decide a time. But, do not make a big deal out of it and try to provide enough time to your opponent to think thoroughly before making the decision.

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