What is CAB?

CAB is an acronym for Cooperative Analysis of Broadcasting. It was established in 1930 by Archibald Crossley, a statistician. The organization measures and reports on audience volumes. It is an online database of terms. This website provides the definition of CAB and examples of its usage. To learn more, visit its expanded form. Below is a brief explanation of the acronym. The full form is easier to read and understand.

CAB stands for Citizenship Amendment Bill. The bill gives Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It was passed by a vote of 125 in favor and 99 against after a six-hour debate. While many people have embraced CAB, others have remained skeptical of the bill. However, this bill is likely to go through with the passage of time. Even with a mixed result, it is still controversial.

Although the CAB does not approve changes, it is an important tool to implement changes to your business. A successful CAB should include members with experience in both business and technology, including those who understand the technical and security implications. A typical CAB is chaired by the change manager and includes representatives from technical leads, system owners, and change process coordinators. Further, more members may be included from suppliers and compliance representatives, if they are involved in the project.

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