Online Bingo Vs. Land Based Bingo Games 

Have you ever wondered why bingo is rarely mentioned in the same conversation as casino gambling games? Or, indeed, why bingo is strangely absent from casino game halls, or even online casino homepages? It is strange isn’t it, especially considering the major popularity of bingo over the last several centuries. Bingo has always been in its own lane, and over the last century in particular it has managed to forge an incredibly successful industry all on its own – play bingo online today.

The 20th century is notable for the insane amount of bingo halls being built all across the world, and especially in the UK. Over time these places have gone into somewhat of a decline, although they are still massively popular with older generations in particular. In the last two decades online bingo has become the No. 1 way to play bingo, but does it beat the classic world of land based bingo games? Let’s take a look. 

Different ways to play land based bingo 

Right then, there are several different ways in which people can play land based bingo nowadays, so before we get into discussing land based bingo in relation to online bingo, let’s just take a look at some of these different methods: 

  •         Bingo halls: As you might expect, the most popular place to play land based bingo is in dedicated bingo halls, which can be found in most cities and large towns across the UK. You just cannot beat these places for pure vintage nostalgia, and it’s why so many people are still playing bingo in bingo halls today.
  •         Bingo club nights: Oh yes, you read that right! Bingo club nights are one of the most recent bingo innovations, and as you can probably tell, they involve playing bingo in the context of a club night. That means great music, fun dancing, and, of course, a next level bingo playing experience.
  •         Bingo at home: It is also important to remember that you can always play land based bingo at home. In fact, land based bingo at home can make a great excuse for a party, and it also allows you to be much more creative with how you play.

Positives to online bingo 

That’s a few of the different ways to play land based bingo out of the way, but what about some of the positives of online bingo? As you can probably imagine, there are loads of positives to playing online bingo, here are a few: 

  •         Practicality: With online bingo there is no need to travel anywhere, which makes it a much more practical alternative to most forms of land based bingo. This is especially true for older people will decreased mobility, or people who need to stay at home to look after their children.
  •         Money: Because there are more people playing online bingo than ever before nowadays it also means that online bingo operators can afford to give away much more money as jackpots. 

Online Bingo vs land based bingo games: Who wins? 

So, who wins between online bingo and land based bingo games? It is entirely subjective at the end of the day, however online bingo is ultimately the easier and perhaps more exciting option.

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